Timber Frame Construction Details

5 Tips For Choosing a Floor Plan

Learn the 5 most important tips for choosing, designing and financing a floor plan for your new timber home. See 10 top floor plans for inspiration.

Video: Differences between Architects and Designers

This free video will outline the major differences between architects and designers to help you determine which service is best for your home project.

Video: Standard vs Hybrid – Timber Frame Homes

Learn the main differences between Standard and Hybrid timber frame home styles in this informational video.

Window Shopping

Our go-to guide for choosing the best windows for your timber home.

Industry Insider: Tedd Benson

One of the most celebrated homebuilders in America, Tedd Benson is a true champion of the traditional timber-frame home — with a modern twist.

Stylish Support: Choosing Your Truss System

From elementary to advanced, the truss system you choose for your home will have an impact on your overall design.

Panel Discussion: The Truth About SIPs

How SIPS can save you energy, time and money.

Timber-Frame Terminology

Here are some of the key terms used in timber-frame construction.

The Truth Behind Prefab Homes

The facts and fictions behind building a ready-made, prefab home.

Reclaimed Timber: The Benefits of Recycled Materials

Reclaimed timbers help to minimize your carbon footprint while adding one-of-a-kind character to your home.

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