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Non-Log Materials Needed to Build Your Log Home

When building a log home, you must know how to account for the non-log materials necessary to complete your home's overall look.

Classic Design

Play up your log look by basing it on regional styles.

An appeal of building your log home is the opportunity to design it as you like. Doubts set in, however, because A) most people have never designed a home before and B) the few who have, haven’t designed a LOG home.
Learn how […]

Northern Sky Woodworks

Northern Sky Woodworks is a furniture studio specializing in high-quality outdoor living spaces. All pieces are handcrafted in Los Lunas, New Mexico from untreated Western Red Cedar. Most items can be customized with add-ons like laser engraving, scroll saw work, and more. This makes our furniture perfect for graduation or retirement gifts, wedding gifts, and […]

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Video: Making a Small Home Feel Large

If you’re thinking of building your own cabin or cottage, you’ll need to be smart about your home’s final design.

Savvy Shopper: Red, White & Blue

Celebrate the season with the most beloved of color combinations: the classic red, white and blue.

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Savvy Shopper: Metallic Decor

Let your style shine with these metallic finds.

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Savvy Shopper: Cabin-Inspired Decor

Our favorite finds for achieving modern cabin style.

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9 Smart Decor Tips for Your Timber Home

Stay stylish by building your decor on a foundation of classics, then bringing it to life with these tricks of the trade.

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Creating a Country Kitchen

Tips for creating the ultimate country kitchen for your timber-frame home.

Fireside Lodge Furniture

Fireside Lodge Furniture

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