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Favorite Spaces: Specialty Rooms

Everyone has a favorite pastime, but if yours borders on obsession, why not devote an area of your log home to its pursuit? Get inspired by these eclectic  hobby hotspots.

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Universal Design

Learn the major factors of designing a functional and stylish log home that's accessible to people at any age.

Classic Design

Play up your log look by basing it on regional styles.

An appeal of building your log home is the opportunity to design it as you like. Doubts set in, however, because A) most people have never designed a home before and B) the few who have, haven’t designed a LOG home.
Learn how […]

Energy Efficiency 101: Innovative Homebuilding Techniques

Watch this video to learn the basics of how to create a home with energy efficient designs that will save you money and decrease your footprint.

Video: Making a Small Home Feel Large

If you’re thinking of building your own cabin or cottage, you’ll need to be smart about your home’s final design.

Savvy Shopper: Red, White & Blue

Celebrate the season with the most beloved of color combinations: the classic red, white and blue.

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Savvy Shopper: Metallic Decor

Let your style shine with these metallic finds.

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Buy Savvy

How to furnish your new cabin as cost-effectively as possible

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Editor’s Picks: Home-Improvement Tools

4 home-improvement tools to consider adding to your tool box for maintenance projects

9 Smart Decor Tips

1. Hang a Mirror. Not only will a reflective surface increase the visual parameters of the space, but a mirror never goes out of style. Try an oval or round shape to add order to asymmetrical walls, or lay a slice of mirror on any tabletop for a shiny upgrade.

2. Attract Opposites. Try pairing something […]

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