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Decor for Your Home

Buying furniture for your home should be fun and exciting, not a task you consider one step above a visit to the dentist. But for too many homeowners, that’s exactly what happens as they face the prospect of buying sofas, chairs, tables and accent pieces. Not to fear! This section is here to provide you tips and advice on what to look for during the decor and furniture buying process.


Creating a Country Kitchen

Tips for creating the ultimate country kitchen for your timber-frame home.

Creating a Country Kitchen

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the heart of a country kitchen lies in emphasizing that fact through the creation of a cozy, inviting space where anyone feels welcome. You don’t […]

Easy Spring Cleaning Products for Your Timber Home

Refresh your timber-frame home with ease by using these effortless cleaning products.

Eco-Smart Products for Your Timber Home

There are lots of ways to green your home top to bottom, inside and out. These products will help get you on the right track.

Dramatic Doors for Timber Homes

Bring on the style with our favorite door pictures for every part of your timber home.

Rustic Lighting for Your Timber-Frame Home

Find inspiration for your timber-frame home from these examples of rustic lighting.

Choosing Reclaimed Wood Flooring for Your Home

Learn how to find the right hue and wood grade of reclaimed flooring for your home.

Kitchen Design For Timber Houses

From classic corners to French-inspired blues and contemporary stainless steel, these timber houses have kitchens that will be sure to spark a new design idea.

Timber Home Summer Products

Here are some of our Savvy Shopper's favorite picks for the summer!

A Japanese-Inspired Ceramics Artist

Ceramic artist Nancy Cannon crafts nature-inspired tiles using a traditional Japanese method.