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Home Design Options

From interior and exterior design tips, to profile and corner style examples, here you’ll find inspiration for making your dream home look just how you envisioned it.


Barn Home Style

This short Q&A with top timber frame experts explains why the charming and classic barn style home is now more popular and modern than ever before.

Mission: Design a Dream

Walk through each phase of planning, building and designing your future home so that you know exactly what it takes to create your dream.

Outdoor Living

Ways to make your home as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside.

The Cost of Building a Timber Home: Finishes

This video discusses how to put the proper finishing touches on your timber home after the construction phase has ended.

Post and Beam Homes 101

Understanding the basics of post and beam construction.

The Cost of Building a Timber Home: Finishes

When you’re ready to put the finishing touches on your home, you’ll need to know what options you have. Get the best tips for adding amenities, decor and personal flair to your home right […]

Barn Inspired Timber Homes

The classic barn design is an inspiration for timber home architects everywhere, creating beautiful structural looks using this clean post and beam trend.

Long Distance Design

Hire and work with design firms or companies that are right for your dream home, even with a long distance between you and your property.

Mountain Style Homes

Explore the many different architectural design ideas for custom log and timber mountain homes.

Farmhouse Style

See how a classic American design has transformed into a timeless post and beam home look.