Floor Plan Fundamentals

Here you’ll discover everything you could ever need to know about Log Home, Cabin, and Timber Home floor plans.


How Will Your Home Look and Live?

This free download introduces some ideas to guide you while designing your special home.

Ask Professor Rob About Your Log Home – 2014 Collection

Professor Rob answers your questions regarding planning, building and renovating your wood home.

Your Log Home: Custom Design or Model Plan?

This free article aims to help you decide whether a custom design or model plan is best for you.

Staining Options for Your Log Home

Which stain is right for you? Start with this free download to find out.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

A little TLC will keep your log home like new for a lifetime.

Energy Efficiency for Today’s Log Home

Learn how improvements in building materials and developments in log home construction methods have increased the energy efficiency of logs.

Choosing Your Producer

The differences among log home companies go beyond the looks of their homes, find out if you need to hire a producer for your project.

All About Log Homes

This free infographic answers many of the basic questions people have about log homes today.

Square Footage 101

Learn the basics of square its measured and how different spaces have different value.

Best Plan Between 2,500 and 4,000 Square Feet: Honorable Mention

The Blue Ridge by the Log Connection, winner of honorable mention for Best Plan Between 2,500 and 4,000 Square Feet in the 2011 Country's Best Design Awards.