Browse our home tour galleries to find inspiration for your own log home. From mountain homes and lakeside getaways to cozy cabins and luxurious vacation homes, this is where you can find construction stories and photos of stunning log homes.


From Horses to Hospitality

A Montana couple converts an equestrian medical barn into inviting guest quarters.

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If you had stumbled upon Don and Melissa Hartford’s Montana cabin a few years ago, chances are you wouldn’t have been too impressed. […]

Everything Old

Building a new log home for the ages.

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When Sue Williams talks about the cabin she owns with her husband Rick, she uses the word “cozy” over and over. She laughs when she realizes it, […]

A Welcoming Home

Logs refine the drama of a Montana resort residence.

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Years of living in Europe persuaded these homeowners to move to a rural area when they returned to the United States. They were invited to visit […]

Modern Mix: A Mountain Rustic Home

It’s a comment we hear all the time: “Wood homes feel dark and outdated.” Sure, that may have been true once upon a time, but many of today’s wood homes feel quite the opposite, boasting […]

Colorado Craftsman: Classic Timber Home

If there’s one thing that timber-home enthusiasts have in common, it’s their dedication to the “dream home” ideal. And with that dedication typically comes months — if not years — of planning their house, right […]

Open House: A Vermont Hillside Home

A house nestled inside a glass snow globe is basically the quintessential picturesque retreat. Now, imagine being inside that tiny house looking out. That’s a bit what it feels like for the homeowners of this […]

Hybrid Heaven: A Montana Custom Home

The art inside Chris and Rob Schumacher’s summer home on Whitefish Lake in Montana all depicts water in one way or another. In fact, the Schumachers were so enamored with their waterside location, they jokingly […]

Lakeside Living: A Montana Hybrid Home

Architect Reid Smith has a friendly bet going these days with Wayne Hale: Which one of them will be the first to haul in a trout from Georgetown Lake with a cast from Wayne’s deck.

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Authentic Cabin Remodel | A Small Good Thing

This loving authentic cabin remodel stands tribute to its late owner’s vision.

Small Wonder: A Timber Home Built for Two

Every time Carl Stoesz walks through the front door of his home in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, he feels like he’s won the lottery. “This place makes me feel like a millionaire,” […]