“Best in the West” Homestead began manufacturing and building log homes in Oregon in 1978 and has been an industry leader in hand-crafted construction, since. If you want big logs from the Pacific Northwest, at the best price and the highest quality craftsmanship, look no further.


At Homestead we offer six log profiles in three different diameters, all built with saddle-notched, shrink-to-fit corners, steel through-bolts and timber fasteners. Our newest profile is a sawn flat interior face with round exterior corners. We transition the face under the corner, where you can’t see it. We offer Scribe-fit 2-sided, Scribe-fit 3-sided, Full round with chinking, Scandinavian chinkless, Swedish cope and 4-sided Timbered.


We operate as a manufacturer and builder to pre-assemble each log shell in a covered facility, sand, tag and Borate treat the home before being dis-assembled, unitized and paper wrapped. We offer our customers the best pricing because there are no dealers or middlemen. We have built a network of general contractors that will present turn-key bids across the Western U.S.


Past clients include Sylvester Stallone, James Brolin, Patrick Duffy, Patrick Warburton and Clint Eastwood. Our plan book has 35 models, pricing and materials breakdowns. It is now on sale for $5.00 including postage.

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No company will work harder to earn your satisfaction and make your dream log home a reality.

Year founded: 1978
Number of homes produced to date: 500-999
Number of builders dealers and representatives: 10-24

Wood species:
Lodgepole Pine
Douglas Fir

How logs are normally dried prior to shipment: Air dried
Average moisture content of logs upon shipment: 15% or below
Type(s) of wall logs you offer: Full or solid wall logs
Corner notches are: Totally pre-cut
Log lengths are: All pre-cut to required lengths
Solid log gable ends are: Pre-cut to required roofline slope

Available styles of wall log profiles:
Flat – inside
Full round
Hand peeled
Round – inside
Round – outside
Swedish cope

Heights: 8″ & larger
Widths: 10″ & larger
Corner intersection details for available wall log styles: Saddle notch

Types of fastening devices:
Timber screws

Types of sealing systems & materials available:
Foam gasket

Types of building code compliance available: Our plans are certified to meet state/local building codes by a licensed engineer or architect.

Other available services:
Our logs are graded by an independent inspection agency prior to shipment.
We offer a construction manual and/or videotape to aid customers with erection of their home.
We offer a specific number of hours of on-site technical assistance as a standard part of our contract.
We offer a written warranty on all our logs.
We offer custom design service.
We will provide complete home construction service for our customers.
We will provide shell erection service for our customers.