It is the journey of a lifetime that begins with the dream of designing and owning your very own Original Log Cabin Home. We are the Original Log Cabin Homes and we have been helping people get back to nature and renew their spirit of adventure since 1987.

Taking Precision to a New Level
Our joineries are equipped with the latest technological advancements. A high-tech integrated saw system is at the heart of the operation capable of producing log sizes up to 12-feet-by-12-inches. The most important aspect to know is that we offer the widest variety of log profiles from which you can choose.

Native Species for Original Tastes
The Original Log Cabin Homes offers eastern white pine, western red cedar, northern white cedar and bald cypress as our standard species options. We also have many other species available such as redwood, scotch pine, spruce, Douglas fir and more.

Year founded: 1987
Method of production: Manufacturer
Number of homes produced to date: 5000-9999
Number of builders dealers and representatives: 50-99

Wood species:
Douglas fir
Eastern fir
Eastern spruce
Engelmann spruce
Incense Cedar
Lodgepole pine
Ponderosa pine
Red pine
Southern yellow pine
Western red cedar
White cedar
White pine

How logs are normally dried prior to shipment: Air dried
Average moisture content of logs upon shipment: 16 to 19%

Type(s) of wall logs you offer:
Full or solid wall logs
Half log and stud frame walls
Laminated logs
Log siding
Corner notches are:
Not cut – all cutting done on job
Totally pre-cut
Solid log gable ends are:
Pre-cut to required roofline slope
Square cut – cutting to roofline slope required on job

Available styles of wall log profiles:
Flat – inside
Flat – outside
Full round
Hand hewn
Hand peeled
Lap siding
Round – inside
Round – outside
Swedish cope

Heights: 10″ & larger
Widths: 10″ & larger
Tongue & Groove Styles: Double/Triple

Corner intersection details for available wall log styles:
Butt & pass (only one log extends past the intersection)
Corner post butt (neither log extends past the intersection)
Interlock-overlap (both logs extend past the intersection)
Notch & pass
Saddle notch

Types of fastening devices:
Lag screws
Types of sealing systems & materials available:
Foam gasket

Types of building code compliances available: Our building system is currently evaluated by a “research report” issued by one or more of the following code agencies: ICBO, BOCA or SBCCI and is listed in that agency’s current bulletin.

Other available services:
We offer a construction manual and/or videotape to aid customers with erection of their home.
We offer a written warranty on all our logs.
We offer custom design service.