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600 Sicard, Mascouche
Quebec, Canada J7K 3G5

Timber Block USA
3708 Curleys Fish Camp Road


More than 30 years of construction history, tradition and integrity is engrained in the team at Timber Block. Timber Block’s parent company was established as a family business in 1977. Success thrived on customer satisfaction, and today, customer satisfaction is still our number one goal.

Timber Block’s team of professionals offers a product unmatched in residential or commercial construction, which provides clients with state of the art environmentally responsible technology combined with cost-effective building methods. Delivering stock or custom products, the team at Timber Block works with you in partnership, maximizing your dream, vision and investment, to realize your home.

Initially entering the log home market, Timber Block now produces more than 40% of the log homes in its core market due to both the quality and value of every log home produced. Ease of construction, which greatly reduces the time required to build each home and the energy efficiency through a superior thermal envelope, which is ‘off the chart’ when compared to traditional homes and especially traditional log homes, delivers exceptional long term value.

Today, Timber Block’s technology is being applied to commercial applications, as well as contemporary residential projects, which are both realizing all its innovative and unique array of benefits.

Year founded: 1977
Method of production: Manufacturer
Number of builders dealers and representatives: 10-24
Wood species: White pine
How logs are normally dried prior to shipment: Kiln dried
Average moisture content of logs upon shipment: 15% or below

Type(s) of wall logs you offer:
Full or solid wall logs
Laminated logs

Corner notches are: Totally pre-cut
Log lengths are: All pre-cut to required lengths
Solid log gable ends are: Pre-cut to required roofline slope

Available styles of wall log profiles:
Flat – inside
Flat – outside
Full round
Hand peeled
Round – inside
Round – outside

Heights: 7″ to 9″
Widths: 7″ to 9″
Tongue & Groove Styles: Single
Corner intersection details for available wall log styles: Corner post butt (neither log extends past the intersection)

Types of fastening devices:

Types of sealing systems & materials available: Adhesives
Types of building code compliances available: Our plans are certified to meet state/local building codes by a licensed engineer or architect.

Other available services:
We offer a construction manual and/or videotape to aid customers with erection of their home.
We offer a specific number of hours of on-site technical assistance as a standard part of our contract.
We offer a written warranty on all our logs.
We offer custom design service.